Frequently Asked Questions

A consultant listing is for accountants, lawyers, business valuators and financiers to provide assistance to buyers or sellers of a book of business. If any question come up during negotiations they are there to answer any questions that may arise. provides a platform that allows Buyers and Sellers to make a difficult process of buying or selling a book of business simple, secure and safe while providing fraud protection to ensure a safe transaction.

Client Exchange only makes money on the successful sale of a Book of Business. Commission is based on a sliding scale according to the size of the Book of Business.

Client Exchange connects financial professionals who are looking to sell a Book of Business to financial professionals looking to buy a Book of Business.

Currently all memberships and the listing of a sellers book of business is free of charge!

Joining is as simple as determining if you are looking to buy a book of business or if you are the market to sell a book of business. From there its a matter of filling out the appropriate sign in form.